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Each episode, host Dave Sturgeon uncovers Who, What, When, Where, Why and How … you can nurture a “Come List Me” distinction for your Real Estate brand.

Our goal is to help you as a growth-minded Real Estate Agent, protect and grow the Likeability and Competence of your reputation, expand top-of-mind awareness with the customers you want, and increase your unfair advantage over competing agents.

Dave Sturgeon
Dave SturgeonHost
Dave Sturgeon is the founder and president of Radio TV Agents LLC. Dave brings over 40 years of experience as a radio broadcaster, radio station manager, and ad agency VP. Since 2013, Dave has focused his energy and creativity on helping growth-minded Real Estate Investors and Agents attain market dominance. Dave is a licensed real estate agent in California, an author, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, singer, and avid golfer.
Coco Rinneard Sturgeon
Coco Rinneard SturgeonCreative Director
Coco Rinneard Sturgeon is RTVA’s Creative Director. A singer and an artist with a keen eye for décor and graphic design, when Coco is not managing RTVA’s web presence or assisting Dave with running the company, Coco can be found painting or working on ceramics in her high desert studio.
Tim Good
Tim GoodProducer
When he’s not talking marketing tips with Sturge, Tim is the executive director of a year-round youth camp in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. He likes to joke that many people hope to someday retire to a cabin at the lake, he just took a job that came with that location as a career perk. He is married to Brea and they have four awesome kids.
Destin Avery
Destin AverySound Engineer
Destin Avery is RTVA’s Production Director. A Sound Engineer, Destin works with clients and stations to ensure messaging and ad scheduling are of the highest quality, and consistent with the media strategy designed and implemented by Dave. On the Podcast, Destin is the genius behind the soundtrack of effects, movie clips etc that bring the podcast to life. Destin is a licensed real estate agent in California, and is a songwriter, arranger, producer, and avid golfer.
Michael Peters
Michael PetersSoundtrack Producer
Michael is a 30 year veteran of the entertainment and media industry, and a graduate of the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, London, ON.

He is an accomplished musician and producer, and has held positions in A&R, publishing, and artist management and consulting with independent and major labels in Canada and the US.

Michael is currently president and creative director of Bravic, a full-service multi-camera live streaming and content creation production company which he formed in 2020.

Jonathan Wilkins
Jonathan WilkinsWriter/Producer, Secondary Themes
Jonathan Phillip Wilkins is a screenwriter and composer, who splits his time between South Florida, Los Angeles, and New Mexico. His main claims to fame are appearing on Yo Gabba Gabba with his band The Postmarks, crank-calling Harlan Ellison, and not being killed by an anthrax-laden letter sent to the tabloid at which he worked in 2001. He is currently writing a genre-bending novel, a soundtrack for an imaginary ’70s sci-fi film, and wondering if he’ll ever again see the “World’s Greatest Drummer” mug he abandoned at the anthrax building.

LINK: soundcloud.com/grand-theft-otto

Rob Wreford
Rob WrefordVoice Over Artist
Rob started his career in the Radio Business at the young age of 14 years. His stops as both morning and afternoon drive radio personality include Toronto and Montreal Canada. While in Montreal, Rob was a regular voice in the Emmy Award Winning Cartoon “Arthur” and was also featured as the TV Voice for the “The Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival”. Rob has literally voiced thousands of projects all over the globe. Radio & TV Imaging is his specialty.

His website is www.robwreford.com


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